After installation of a new server with NetWare 6.5 SP6, when attempting to install Backup Exec v9.2 for NetWare the installation is interrupted with the report:

Some of the components were not installed !
(This is after just attempting a basic install of the media server)
Examination shows that the BKUPEXEC directory is only partially populated, and the BESTART.NCF & BESTOP.NCF files have not been created in SYS:SYSTEM
Repeated attempts fail as above.

Un-installing v9.2 and then installing an earlier version v9.1 works just fine and the installation completes as normal
After providing three different build levels Symantec seem unable to help
We are currently on v9.2 build 1401 without success
Can anyone help

Incidentally we only upgrade to v9.2 in order to achieve support for DDS5 as instructed by Symantec
Others might like to know that v9.1 seems to support DDS5 just fine !