First off, here's our GroupWise setup:
We are running NetWare 6.5 SP5 (with pre-SP5 SMDR.nlm's) running GroupWise 7, release version. All NW servers have the latest BackupExec 9.1 agents. Five servers - three identical Compaq DL380's with dual P4 Xeon 3.4GHz procs, 4GB of memory, as post office servers (two student PO servers with 4 post offices each; one employee PO server with three post offices.) Two identical Compaq DL360's with dual P4 Xeon 3.4GHz procs, 4GB of memory, one as a gateway server running GWIA and WebAccess, other as domain server running MTA and GWAVA (and GWIA and SMTP relay agent for GWAVA.) The only server experiencing this is the server housing the employee post offices. BackupExec server is a single-proc 3.4GHz Xeon with 1GB of memory running BackupExec 10 service pack 1 on Windows 2003 SP1, connected to an HP Ultrium MSL 6030 tape library. What happens is after a random amount of time, the employee post office server will disappear from the restore selections screen in BackupExec. Unloading and reloading the services on the backup server and on the post office server has no effect. This hasn't happened to any of the other servers. The only way to get the server to show back up in the restore selections is by unloading the backupexec services and smdr.nlm, then running "load smdr new" and turning back on SLP, then reloading the BackupExec services. Afterwards, unloading the backupexec services, running "load smdr new" again, and turning off SLP, then reloading the BackupExec services. We run them with SLP disabled because it makes the backups run much much faster - all of our NetWare servers are running this way (two NW 5.1 SP8, three NW 6 SP5, and seven NW 6.5 SP5.) Any ideas??? This is driving us nuts.

Chris Myers
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