We are running NW6.5 SP4a on 7 Novell servers. We use Portlock Storage
Manager for disaster recovery and have recently run into an issue with 3
HP Proliant ML370 G3 servers in that when we try to image then with
version 336 of Storage Manager, we get the error "Invalid Magic Number
for 3rd Super Block" "Error 3-36-1156".

We successfully imaged 4 other servers with the same OS and patch level,
just different HP server hardware.

When we contact Portlock, they inform us that we have corruption on the
NSS pools and the only resolution is to delete and re-create the DATA
pool on each of these servers. I find it hard to believe that we have 3
identical servers all experiencing the same problem, all with NSS pool


1) How and what checks can I run against our NSS pools to ensure that we
have no corruption?

2) Anybody have any experience with this or can shed some light on the
subject ?