Just purchased and HP Ultrium 960 tape drive, and cannot get it to work
with Backup exec 9.2. Server is Netware 6.5 SP5, with all the post SP5
fixes, including nss and the TSA's. Server is HP ML370G2 or G3 (happens on
both) and adaptec adpt160m onboard scsi controller. I have verified this
tape drive works under windows on these servers, HP sent me a brand new
drive and it does the same thing under netware.

Does anyone have anything to say about this? Veritas says it is a known
issue with novell and offers no other fix. Novell says it is a hardware or
BE issue. HP says it is a backup exec issue, as it apparantly works fine
with Arcserve under netware. I do not run, nor do I want to run arcserve.

Has anyone gotten one of these Ultrium 960 LTO3 tape drives to work under
netware with Backup Exec??