Would like to thank you guys for your help in the past. Got nearly all
problems resolved!!

The next task is setting up a another server in the same location for use
as a backup of the first server including all the files and I may use it
as a print server also (less critical). Will be Netware 6.5SP5 as per the
first one.

Basically I want to have all the files of the first one, it will be in the
same tree. Almost synchronised to the first one or pretty close.

I seen an option when installing NW6.5SP5 to set it up as a backup server.

Would this back up the tree and all the data ?

Is this what they mean by syncing in netware speak ?

From what I can make out so far.

1. I need to back up the NDS tree of the first one. Set up a slave replica
of root to the backup server.
2. Possibly use SBCON to copy all the files over preferably automatically
I think.

If the "backup server" option in NW6.5 can do this already that would

I think I will purchase Portlock Storage Manager also. Had a read about it
and I like the idea of having the whole drive or critical volumes backed
up as an image. Nifty for doing support pack updates. Other volumes I
could just copy the files back to it.

I think a RAID controller can do the same thing cheaper though. A cheap
IDE job (was thinking about an old NW 5.1 server we have) and add another
disk and copy it over. Electronically rather than with software. Anyone
tried this ? Also read Portlock has a 4GB image limit also.

Lastly, this part is a bit tricker, it is encapsulating IPX in IP over a
VPN tunnel (BorderManagers) over ADSL links to the USA from UK.

Would be nice to backup both main servers in the US & UK to remote
locations (to and fro). They also have different trees.

My boss absolutely insists on IPX being used internally. I am more a linux
IP man meself. Ho Hum!

To be honest I prefer Netware for file server and print server stuff
compared with linuxes I have used.

Any advice/good pointers in the right direction is appreciatted.

Your novice netware server configurator