We are running more than 20 netware 6.5 media servers with backupexec
9.1 and from time to time all were facing this problem, only reboot
helps. Runs some weeks ok, then happens again. Sometimes its so bad
that not even a reboot helps then the drive, terminator, scsi card was

i tried now really everything

novell says its a hardware problem

dell supports no 6.5sp5 and under windows everything is ok

veritas is blaming hardware

so everybody blames each other which helps me a lot

the only common thing i found is that this happens more likely on DELL
LTO drives which are from IBM

but if i run Windows on the hardware everything is fine, so there is
definetly something wrong under netware

i tried now really everything under netware but there is no fix

maybe windows is handling this errors more in a relaxed way than NDMP
does but at least it gives a working backup