We are currently running Brightstor Arcserve 9.01 for NetWare with the
latest patches. The servers are connected to an EMC CX600 SAN with Dell
PV-132T LTO2 Tape Library.

Our problem is that we are implementing new hardware with QLogic QLA2460
HBA's which require the QL2X00.HAM driver which is auto detected from
OES and can also be downloaded from QLogic's support website.

We have had difficulties getting Brightstor to attach to the LTO Library
via the SAN using the QL2X00.HAM driver even though we see the LTO
Library using list devices (with NWTAPE)

According to CA tech support the QL2X00.HAM driver isnt supported!!

Does anyone have a solution to this or do we need to consider a
different backup solution?


PS - testing with a Backup Exec demo (plus latest patches) works fine!!!