We are still having intermittent problems where our Novell NetWare v6.5
clustered virtual servers have backup failures. The NetWare servers are
running NetWare v6.5 SP5 with LIBC.NLM v9.00.03 (NWLIB6F) and Legato for
NetWare v7.02.01.

We see 2 types of errors:

Error Number One
--- Unsuccessful Save Sets ---
* qapurgedfilesserver:QAPURGEDFILES:/ 1 retry attempted
* qapurgedfilesserver:QAPURGEDFILES:/ NetWorker : Novell Cluster Service
is Up and Running
* qapurgedfilesserver:QAPURGEDFILES:/ Invalid save set or save set not
5/31/2006 1:04:32 AM Email sent to Jennifer_Germano@Brown.EDU with
ticket #
There is no error on the NetWare console. To fix this we often have to
reboot the Novell server.

Error Number Two
--- Unsuccessful Save Sets ---
* mystuffpurged_server:MYSTUFFPURGED: 1 retry attempted
* mystuffpurged_server:MYSTUFFPURGED: 05/31/06 01:01:28 nsrexec: SYSTEM
error: Connection refused
The hosting node has this error on the NetWare console: NETWORKR.NLM:
lgto_reauth fail: clntlgto_reauth_3 call failed (4).
If we unload and reload NETWORKR.NLM and NSREXECD.NLM, the problem is
resolved temporarily.

I hear through the grapevine that EMC and Novell are still working out
some issues with these problems.
What is the status? Is this a Novell or EMC problem? Do we need to
update LIBC.NLM on these servers?

Please advise.