Goal: To install a new, larger disk where all volumes will be migrated to
from existing disk.

Scenario: NetWare 6.5 (OES) sp4
Single server
Hardware: VMWare version 5


Install New Drive (Now have Disk 1, 2 )
Boot to DOS
Create DOS partition on D:, set Active (Disk 2)
Reboot. (Disk 1)
Format D: /X /S
Xcopy *.* D:\ (From the root of C:)
Reboot NetWare from Disk 1
Create a NetWare Partition on Disk 2
Create a SYS2 pool (NSSMU)
Create a SYS2 Volume
Use Novell Server Consolidation Utility to copy all SYS to SYS2
Rename SYS to SYS1 (Pool and Volume)
Rename SYS2 to SYS (Pool and Volume)
Delete NDS volume/Pool objects.
Run DSRepair (Unattended Full until 0 errors)
Remove Disk 1
boot NetWare to disk 2

The following errors are reported on the server console:L

SERVINST: The NWDSLoginAsServer function failed, return code -632
Binder emulation will be used to retrieve information for
the nwQueue and nwUserAccounts groups in the NetWare Server MIB
Default domain is not set, you need to set it through ypset
Could not authenticate ContextHandle.Run schinst -n and try again. If the
problem still persists, see the TroubleShooting section of the admin doc.
ZEN loads OK
GW loads OK

It appears that NDS isn't liking this. Any errors found in the logic or
suggestions (Tape is not an option) is greatly appreciated.