(Sorry for the repost - this wasn't getting any response in the storage

I have two clients now that are trying to backup to external hard drives.

On one, I have upgraded everything to the latest NW 6.5 sps - sp5,
Server.exe 5a and NSS post sp5. I plugged the external drive into the USB
port, turned it on and re-booted the server. The drive is not being
recognized. I tried HWDETECT and that isn't working either. Any ideas?

Second issue - the other client I have set up with this had no problems
recognizing the external drive. I made the drive a separate NSS Volume
called Backup. We now want to alternate between three different drives.
Can I name all of the Volumes Backup? Since they are NSS, will there be a
problem recognizing the new drives with the same volume name? How would
one go about doing this anyway - since the server would see that there is
already a Backup volume. Should I just have made these regular FAT
If someone is already implementing a similar system, I'd love to know
you're doing.