Sorry if this is a repost. I've tried posting this a couple of times already but it doesn't seem to be going through. Hopefully this one does.

On to the issue. I've been having slow backup performance with one of my servers. I ran TSATEST on the slow server and one other. One server is getting 227 effective mb/min, the other is getting 44. Both servers are HP DL380 with the same configurations (Dual 3.6 ghz processor, 4 gb ram) and both are running NetWare 6.5 sp3. Any ideas of what may becausing such a big difference in backup performance?

Server 1 (good performance Server):
Read Count: 85345
last Read Size: 2646
Total Bytes Read: 2033192844
Raw Data MB/min: 303.12
BAckup Sets: 57784
Ave. Open Time: 800us
Ave. Close Time: 700us
Effective MB/min: 227.32
Min. Read Time: 500us
last Read Time: 1000us
Max. Read time: 37700us
Ave. Read time: 4500us
Ave. Scan Time: 800us
Total Read Time: 386s
Elasped Time: 520s
Total TSA Time: 516s
Max. Error: 4.77%
Ave. File Read Time: 6700us

Server 2 (slow performance Server):
Read Count: 101140
last Read Size: 4543
Total Bytes Read: 2289002261
Raw Data MB/min: 301.39
BAckup Sets: 72107
Ave. Open Time: 33900us
Ave. Close Time: 700us
Effective MB/min: 44.10
Min. Read Time: 500us
last Read Time: 1500us
Max. Read time: 455500us
Ave. Read time: 4300us
Ave. Scan Time: 900us
Total Read Time: 438s
Elasped Time: 2998s
Total TSA Time: 2994s
Max. Error: 1.05%
Ave. File Read Time: 6100us