Starting a seperate thread from "AB" so as not to confuse things but
basically it's a similar issue.

I have tried to post this all as one post and also tried with
attachments and it doesn't go, so I'm going to break this into the
header post, and then 2 replies with the config files for each server,
and hopefully that will work. Posting both configs in one post doesn't
go through.

I've actually got the same issue between 2 DL 360's. Ironically the
slower machine gets the better stats. Both boxes are NW 6.5 SP4a. Both
are single processor. I applied the latest TSA last night but it doesn't
change the results. Odder still is the slower machine has double the
raw data rate but a considerably slower effective rate. I've checked
the nss paramaters and both seem to be set the same. Server 1, the
faster performing of the 2 is used for video editing and primarily has
fewer but larger files, but that doesn't seem to account for the huge
discrepancy. And yes I'm aware that not all space is partitioned on both :)

I have a DL360 G3 with I believe a 3.2GHz p4 (Adrem reports it as x86
Family 15 Model 3 Speed:276906), 4GB ram, an LSI Logic scsi card
connected to an external Storcase 16 drive SATA array (250GB drives in
each bay). The array presents itself as one large drive to the scsi
controller. LSI was their recomendation for best performance. Anyway
15 drives in a raid 5 and a hot spare. Refer to as Server 1 for this
case. Backing up about 3TB on this box. The error rate on this box is
a lot higher in tsa test. Also the read time keeps going up and up and
up... And yet this is the better performer of the two.

The other (slower backups) is a DL360 G4 3.4GHZ (Adrem reports it as x86
Family 15 Model 2 Speed:230404) with 4GB ram and the same exact scsi
controller and same exact external raid box. Refer to it as Server 2
for this case. It's not just TSA reporting it, it does take a few hours
longer to backup the same data on this box. Backing up about 2TB on
this box.

NPV4 (faster)

Backing Up :DISK1:
Read Count: 1066683
Last Read Size: 65536
Total Bytes Read: 65523267463
Raw Data MB/min: 10834.96
Backup Sets: 575
Avg. Open Time: 000us
Avg. Close Time: 000us
Effective MB/min: 10834.52
Min. Read Time: 000us
Last Read Time: 200us
Max. Read Time: 118100us
Avg. Read Time: 300us
Avg. Scan Time: 000us
Total Read Time: 348s
Elapsed Time: 352s
Total TSA Time: 348s
Max. Error: 23.44%
Avg. File Read Time:606800us

NPV1 (slower)

Backing Up :DISK1:
Read Count: 60182
Last Read Size: 34231
Total Bytes Read: 1803427452
Raw Data MB/min: 14906.22
Backup Sets: 44316
Avg. Open Time: 7500us
Avg. Close Time: 000us
Effective MB/min: 303.51
Min. Read Time: 000us
Last Read Time: 000us
Max. Read Time: 92100us
Avg. Read Time: 100us
Avg. Scan Time: 000us
Total Read Time: 6s
Elapsed Time: 344s
Total TSA Time: 342s
Max. Error: 5.33%
Avg. File Read Time:200us

This one has Mcafee Netshield on it. if I unload Netshield and run it,
Raw throughput starts much lower and peaks to about 3900 after the same
amount of time running. Effective peaks at about 2180 and then declines.