I am getting this error using BE 9.02 on NW 6.5 sp5 using tsafsgw 6.05.05
(june 7 2005) and GWENN4.nlm 6.05.05 Sept 23 2005. According to tid
10096545 this is caused by using gw in protected address space. We do run
POA and MTA in protected memory because we are clustered. However we load
GWENN4 also at ring 0 (OS) so that tasfsgw can find. The version is
current with respect to this TID. We aren't ready to go to gw 7.0 yet and
it's pointless to go to gw 6.5 sp6 in the meantime because we will going to
7.0 in less than a month.

What else can I do about this error?