When backing up my GW6.5 SP4 server the CPU utilization jumps to 90% and
stays there until the backup job has finished.

When the backup job is not running the average processor utilization on
the GroupWise server is between 5 and 10%.

I can not seem to find anything in either the Novell Knowledge base or the
Veritas knowledge base.

The GW server has a separate backup VOL which contains a copy of the
GroupWise PO. Copied Via DBCOPY Version 6.05.05.

Backup Vol is NSS and located on a 2 drive RAID O stripe on a separate
U320 Raid controller Drives are U320 10K.

Any Ideas?


GW System Specifics are as follows.

GW Server
Operating System = NW6.5 SP4a
TSA5UP18 applied.
Remote Agent from Backup Exec for Windows 9.1 Build 4691

TSAFS Version 6.51 June 8, 2005
TSAFSGW Version 6.05.07 April 27, 2006 from updated TSAFSGWB.exe patch
released May 8, 2006 See TID 2973707
TSAFSGW.NCF contents

TSAFS /EnableGW=False - Not Needed since we are backing up copy of the
Post Office

The BackupExec agent and SMDR are both configured to use a NIC connected
to a dedicated backup network.

Dual 3.0 GHz Processors
2GB of Memory


Backup Server
Operating System = Windows 2000 SP4
Backup Exec for Windows Servers 9.1
Novell Client 4.91 SP1

The backup server is dedicated to backing up the GroupWise server only.
Avg Backup Job throughput is 900MB/Min.