Config: Nw 6.5 SP5, AS 11.1 (SP1), GW 7.01 Release, AS 11.1 (sp1) agent. TSAUP19

To get the above config to work. I have to load tsafsgw with the correct parameters, then in the arcserve console I see the GW resources and select them to backup. If I then try and run the job I get TSA errors. If I unload TSAFSGW and LOAD gwtsa with the correct parameters, the job will run correctly and backup the resources chosen when TSAFSGW was loaded. Strange!! The TSAFSGW is the version that shipped with GW7.01. The version in TSAUP19 is a GW 6.5 version.

Any suggestions as to just getting GW7 TSAFSGW to work properly???

Mark C