I'm wondering how others are dealing with large volume backups. Here is
our current configuration:

We have a data volume that is 0.85 TB and growing. Full backups take about
16 hours. We are using Legato Networker v7.1 server on Windows 2000,
Networker client v7.2.1 on NetWare 6.5sp5 + all post sp5 updates (libc,
nss, server.exe). Hardware is a SAN with FC disk and tape (LTO2) drives
and the network connection is Gigabit ethernet (we backup over the
ethernet network, not directly from SAN disk to SAN tape). Our throughput
is about 14MB/sec.

So how are the big dogs doing it? Are you:
- using a 'shared tape drive' (I think Legato calls it Dynamic Drive
Sharing...) to send data directly from SAN disk to SAN tape eliminating
the ethernet network?
- creating multiple smaller NetWare volumes that can be backed up on
different nights? if so how are your users accessing the multiple volumes:
via mapped drive with DFS junctions to make it all appear as a single
volume or using UNC and not hiding the split nature of the data storage
- using Tivoli so you only have one full backup and then just incrementals
- something else?

Maybe our throughput sucks? What are you getting?

All comments and ideas are welcome!


Ron Neilly
Network Services Coordinator
Okanagan College

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