NW6.5 sp5 cpr
AS 9.01 sp1 (not quite sure, its v9 with updates applied)

Backups seem to be causing problems since we upgraded from GW6.5 to GW7

This is on a Compaq DL380 G2 with cpqhlth loaded.

I see in the "HP Proliant Integrated Management Log Viewer" the following:
"Fatal Exception (Number 14, cause Abend: Page Fault running process: GWTAPE
1 code executing in module GWTSA.NLM v 7.0 at offset +2824Dh"

The ASR kicks in and the server reboots. (I haven't figured out/learned how
to turn off ASR, anyone know how?)

This is a repeated scenario. Now that the server has rebooted, I can load
Arcserve and get a backup with no problems. It seems if I let the backup
process continue it will have the problem tommorrow when it tries to do the
backup again. That is, I can get 1 backup successfully but not 2 in a row
with out the server reboot.

In my autoexec.ncf I have the following:
# sys:nlmapps\gwagents\TSAFSGW.NCF
# protect sys:nlmapps\gwagents\TSAFSGW.NCF

To me it seems related to the GW upgrade.

I had also installed or should I say followed the steps for TSA5UP19.EXE
copying various files per the instructions. my notes show one of the steps
to copy TSAFSGW.NLM to sys:system
So I wonder if there is something there.

Any thoughts?