We have installed SP5, NSS5A, TSAUP19 and updated SERVER.EXE on several NW
6.5 servers. We have also upgraded the Legato agent to 7.2.1. It works
fine on every server except one. When we launch Networker, server abends
with "Abend on P00: Deadlock detected waiting for spinlock currently owned
by CPU 00". Running process in NETWORKER.NLM's ma process. This server
has no other problems other than trying to launch Networker. Called
Legato and they suggested installing NWLIB6F. 6F is no longer available
for download, it's been replaced by 6G which is still beta. Why does
Novell replace an update with a new one and keep it in beta status? VERY
annoying! Anyway, has anyone used NWLIB6G with Legato? Any problems? I
also think the Legato problem may be something other than NWLIB. Tried re-
installing Legato 7.2.1 but that did not fix. Considering re-applying SP5
and other patches just in case something got hosed there. Thanks,