This server is NW6.5SP4a and AS11.1sp1. I runs fine as long as you don't
run Arcserve. It then runs a couple jobs(backing up remote servers) after
one or two jobs, it runs out of logical space or memory in general and
starts give you "memory recommendations at the console prompt. I have
tried these suggestestions. Some of which contradict each other. I have
tried running memcalc and taking those suggestions. In the end, after a
couple jobs, it will go crazy again. This server was fine back when we
had NW5.1 and AS11.1 no patches on it. I'm thinking of reformatting again
and going back! Anyway, I have NW6.5SP4a on it because the majority of my
production servers are running that at the moment and I like to keep the
backup servers the same if possible. I am wondering if there is some
inherent problem between the OS and AS versions. I haven't found anything
on CA's website about it, but thought I'd ask. Any thoughts?