We have been fighting with the Networker 7.21 client for weeks. We were
forced to install 7.21 when we upgraded our cluster to SP5, the old 4.22
client will no longer work. The 7.21 client is "cluster aware" which is
nice, but until you get it working you can no longer back up cluster
volumes. We managed to get it working on our 3 node cluster (thanks,
Tony for your help) but it is giving us fits on your 7 node cluster.
Whenever we try to start a backup this error appears several times in the
logger, "CLUSTER-<INFO>-<213>: Read Resvol error -603". TID 10095491
talks about this error and shows how to check for corrupt cluster objects
in DSBROWSE. I did that and everything looks fine. Still can't back up
our cluster volumes! EMC/Legato has not come up with an answer yet.

Any ideas? Thanks.