it seams, that we found a cirtical bug in 7.2.x client for netware.

Can mybe pls do somebody the following 2 tests in a TEST Environment (pls
not in production !!!!) to double check my results.

1. Directed recovery of one subdirectory from Server A to Server B to a
specified subdir
-> My result here is verry strange, first the recovery says: Sucessfully,
but exited with signal 0, no files restored. on the source a recover.nlm
still grows up in memory...after 15-20 mins the ecover starts, nevertheless
that the inital recovery session is already closed and it does not recover
all files, only some

2. directed recovery from server a to server b of a whole volume with round
about 2 million files
-> My result, the selection went fine (round about 35 mins and 430 MB memory
for networkr.nlm in memory) then when you start the recovery, the system
where you started the selection crashes imideatly (or just hang and no
debugger entry is possible) ...

It would be really helpfull so have that doublechecked by somebod y