A couple weeks ago, I asked about a server that backs up other servers
remotely. It ran fine with NW5.1/AS11. We put NW6.5sp4a/AS11.1sp1 and
started getting errors after a backup job about logical memory space.
After some tuning and posting on here, I got sick of it and totally
reformatted it to NW6.5sp5/AS11.1. I ran 2 backups and I can bet it will
die if I try a 3rd. The Original Cache Buffers is ~918000 and the Total
starts at about half that. It is now at 171000 after a second job. It is
like there is a memory leak that takes memory while running an AS job, but
doesn't return it afterwards. Any thoughts what to check. I'm not going
to reboot it this time until here from you folks, so I can maybe peek at
it and see where it is going. Thanks for your help.