Hi all,

I am getting really frustrated here!

I am trying to restore files using Veritas Backup Exec 9.1 for Windows of a
Netware 6.5 folder to an alternative location. I am trying to restore to a
Windows folder which is really quick but it fails at 99% with a sparse
error, which I have now realised I need to fix by enabling backup compressed
files in decompressed form on the Netware SMS selection in BE.

However, if I restore to Windows I get 700Mb per minute, if I restore to an
alternative Netware folder it runs at 2Mb per minute!! This will take 48
hours to restore 5Gb!

I can't get my head around this as the initial backup of the Netware volume
gives me an average of 400Mb per minute.

All agents are installed etc, and Backup Exec functions OK on every other
task, but this one is doing my head in.

Thanks in advance