my customer has serveral NW6 servers with NSS volumes, backed-up by the
ArcServe 7, build 218. He has applied the NW6SP5 recently, as well as
the NW6NSS5C patch.

He has a problem now, as newly created files (files created before the
NW6SP5 are OK), whose names are containing some Czech characters, are
now being missed from the backup.

Here follows a sample excerpt for the error related to one file from the
ArcServe log:

03-Aug 19:07:53 1448.005 E3024 Failed to map path,volume,dir (252

03-Aug 19:07:53 1448.005 E3158 Failed to get name space info for

After the customer had downgraded the support pack on one of his servers
back to the NW6SP4, the problem with the backup went out, but the
"problem" files became invisible to the clients (they were visible from
ConsoleOne, though).

I think that I should also mention, that they had similar problem in the
past, which was solved by changing the server's codepage from the 852
(Czech) to default codepage 437.

Does anybody has any clue to this problem?

Thanks in advance,

Martin Strobl