Hi all,

Netware 6.5 SP5
Veritas BE for Windows version 9.1 (latest patching etc)
BE is backing up Netware servers using Netware SMS form a Windows 2000
machine running the above version.

I frequently want to restore files from my Netware volume to a Windows
(Win2k NTFS) volume. This is using When trying to do so I get a "Sparse
data format is incompatible with the restore target" error. After checking
on Veritas web site I am advised to enable in Backup Exec for Windows "Back
up compressed file in decompressed form", which I have done and then done
another backup. When restoring, I still get the error!

Veritas also states to find out if a volume is compressed run volumes at the
prompt. Any showing "CP" means compressed. Mine does not show "CP" but just
"P" and even then this is not against all volumes. I am a little confused
and lost with this.

Does anyone have any experience with this?