We are running a NW 6.5 OES SP5 (NetWare Kernel) Cluster on HP DL380s
connected to an HP MSA 1000 SAN and an MSL 6030 tape library with an
Ultrium 2 drive.

Running most current Build of Backup Exec for NW and latest release of
SAV CE 10.

We have been told by Symantec, BE Engineers and Symantec Corporate to
unload the SAV during backups, otherwise backups bring the server to a
hault or cause an abend. Seems that Symantec does not want to put any
more funds into R&D to get BE and SAV to play nice together. Novell is
going to stop shipping the kernal in 9 years so that is understandable,
but we are left hanging as a result.

Is anyone running a successful backup and ant-virus combo in this
environment with any luck?