I have below message shown in the logger when I load TSAFS
/CacheMemoryThreshold=1 in system console:

specified value out of range "1"

This is Netware server running NW65sp5 Arcserve 11.1Sp1 with 2GB Memory.
We use HP Ultrium 215 backup tape and LSI on board controller in a Intel
Motherboard model SE7520BD2 DDR2-400.

Likewise, when Load TSAFS /ReadBufferSize=64K, I also have below message
shown in the logger

specified value out of range "64K".

Can anyone explain to me what does this message mean? These switches are
recommended in Novell TID#10091980

I have patched the server with NW65NSS, NW65OS5a. When I run Seg.nlm and
Memcalc.exe, it advises that no recommendation is made as the server only
has total 2GB memory.

Testing the Arcserve 11.1 sp1 backup, it failed in the middle of a test run.
Server hung up. no error message / abend message were logged.

The only things not yet done are CA patch for QO78480 to replace

And not yet add the CacheSize line MaxCacheUsage=10 in bti.cfg

Any sugguestion to make to backup completely successful.