I have a backup server with Arcserve 11.1 sp1 on it (NW65sp5 + newer
patches). I am trying to backup another NW65sp5 server (with newest
patches and 7GB of memory) which I will call the Main Server using the
Arcserve Nwagent 11.1 sp1. The Main Server runs out of memory within 2
weeks, but even after the first night of backup, the Available Cache
Buffers has dropped from about 50% down to 8% and the server complains of
lack of Logical Space during the backup.
I have checked the "List Modules" link using Netware Remote Manager
during the backup and the Arcserve FSTAPE2.NLM has been allocated about
2.0GB of memory. NSS has only been allocated 200MB and TSAFS about 48MB.
So it definitely seems like FSTAPE2.NLM is the problem. I was going to
try the tuning hints in TID#10091980 (Memory Fragmentation) but is it also
possible to limit the amount of memory that FSTAPE2.NLM is allowed to
use? How do I do this? I think that would solve my problem and I would
like to get it solved ASAP.
Thanks for any input. Previous posts to this list with suggestions on
how to fix this same trouble have not helped my server and I haven't seen
any mention of FSTAPE2.NLM being the root of the problem.

Bernie Flinn