We recently discovered that our current backup system, Legato NetWorker, cannot backup eDirectory, ever since we upgraded to 8.6 (we're at on our NetWare 6.5 SP5a servers). Somewhat peeved, we're trying to find some solution to do so. We are also in the beginning stages of implementing Veritas in our environment, so the solution could go on either platform.

I know that I can perform a DS DIBset by performing a DSREPAIR -RC on each server that holds a replica, but this is a poor man's solution. I am looking for either something built-in to either app (Legato or Veritas), a third party add-on, or some other way to do these backups.

We still have some NetWare 5.1 SP6 servers, running EDIRECTORY 8.7.3.

We are in the process of implementing Snapshot volumes for our newest servers, as a majority of our servers still run Traditional file systems.

I would appreciate any help.

(Sorry for the duplicate posting, but I can't afford to be looking in the wrong folder.)

Paul Caron, CNE, MCSE
Maine Medical Center