I've not been very happy with my upgrade from NW 6.0 to NW 6.5. After the
upgrade I discover that it seems NW 6.5 has a lurking problem where certain
unknown conditions can cause an abend that corrupts the C:\NWSERVER
directory and destroys it, rendering the server unbootable and the OS
registry wiped. (I found out about this problem the hard way.)

Well, if NW 6.5 is potentially so unstable and there's no known fix for
these \NWSERVER corruption issues, then I should be making regular backups
of the entire DOS partition, preferably as part of my nightly server backups
using Backup Exec 9.1.

Except I'm thrown a curveball here. Apparantly Novell has decided to drop
support for TSADOSP (see TID 10093736). It has become "no longer supported"
though I don't have any idea what that means. I can load it on Netware 6.5,
it loads without any problems and it backs up the DOS partition. Why is it
not supported?

Instead in that TID Novell suggests I use DOSFAT.NSS. Okay, so I load it,
but a warning pops up about a problem with having auto-restart enabled (see
TID 10071494), which could lead to abends causing a different sort of DOS
drive corruption.

But if auto-restart is not enabled, when even just a minor abend occurs, the
entire server essentially hangs waiting at the console prompt for an
operator who cannot be there 24x7 to watch over the server in case an abend
occurs. This is not going to work.

This whole state of affairs is just unacceptable. The original purpose of
the OS upgrade was to further improve server stability, but instead due to
these compounding "unfortunate situations" it seems I've fallen backwards to
an even more unstable and unreliable OS than I was using before. I find
myself asking what I really gained by upgrading to Netware 6.5, and what
it'd take to downgrade back to the safe and stable NW 6.0.

But the school year has begun, and it's far to late to start thinking about
a downgrade. At this point I'm stuck with this unreliable NW 6.5. And so,
even if TSADOSP is not officially supported, if it works under 6.5, it still
seems a far better option than DOSFAT and disabling auto-restart.

Are there any other options for backing up the DOS partition on a daily
basis, other than using the unsupported TSADOSP or the unacceptable DOSFAT