Hello all,

When we need to purge the AS database we are following the methods used since version 9.01
and that are described in version 11.1 Administration Guide.

However, I noted that the details of the tapes disappears.

[If using a console, navigate to ARCserve Tape Server screen | Changer Management | View
Tapes/Tape Info; pick a tape (any tape) and the console returns the status information.
The formatting details that have disappeared follow the text, "The following is recorded
in the Database" and lists:
First Format Date, Expiration Date, Header Accesses, Media Errors, Usage Time, KB Used,
Pool Name.]

Has anyone noticed this? Are we doing something wrong - is there a different approach with
version 11.1?

I was able to revert to the previous database, but at some point we'll run out of space on
the volume as the database grows. This would render all data on the tapes redundant,
whilst also depriving us of any method of restoring data, since the tapes can no longer be


Greville Wild
Computer Services
University of Cambridge