Does anyone know if BE for Windows can do a decent job of backing up a
Netware Server/Groupwise from a Win2K3 server. Can BE for Windows work with
GWTSA or TSAFSGW for that matter. I have a client that wishes to move from
Arcserve 9.01 on the Novell server, which has always been problematic,
especially backing up Groupwise DB's using gwtsa. Would like to move to the
Windows server backing all server's up using BE 10.1 since customer has
moved to AD and will keep using Groupwise -not Exchange for at least another
year. Any suggestions, would be helpful. Right now, they are doing two
backups, one on the Netware - Groupwise box and the other on the Windows
Domain Controller. Seems foolish to have two backups scenario's since they
have a new HP autoloader that can back up everything from one place.

I am not enamored of Arcserve anyway. So if there is a way to dump that
program, that would be great. Thanks again.