Hello there,

We're currently using ARCServe 11.1 SP1 (plus all post SP1 patches) on a
IBM x226 dual processor with 2GB RAM. OS is Netware SP5 + server.exe
+ NSS updates. Tape drive is a IBM LTO 3580 (Ultrium 3). We're backing
up a simple (2-node) Netware Cluster same patches as backup server and
agentless, 2 Netware 6.0 SP4 and one 5.1 SP5 (will die in 2 months or
so) on separate trees via agent, and finally 2 windows server 2003 via

Backup performance is good... well at least enough for us, especially on
the Netware Cluster (even failover-failback works flawlessly) and the
windows servers (about 800MB/min or more).

But alas we've run on database issues lately. For no apparent reason
ARCServe database (btrieve 8.5 engine) gets corrupted from time to time.
We're using the recommended settings everywhere, but I fear we'll have
the same problem again sooner or later.

Our consultant has suggested us to dump ARCServe. CA anyway will not go
much further with ARCServe for Netware, so he offered us Tivoli Storage
Manager. At least we have very good experience with IBM support.

Well... Anyone here has dealt with TSM?

I've read that cluster support its so-so and agent configuration quite a
mess. Any other issues and possible workarounds?. Is possible agentless
backup as in ARCServe.

Thanks in advance.