I have the following problem:

Two servers NW6.5 SP3, one dedicated backupserver AS9.01 patch1 and one
file-and printserver with nwagent. Printing via ndps, 12 printers, most
of them HP laser- and designjets, some using hpgateway and some
Backup running as GFS-job till last Monday without problems. Last
monday I installed a new printer (using novellgateway), no problems.
Backup was running on monday evening, but never ended. First it backed
up the backupserver itself, no problems, then connected to fileserver
tsands, backed up nds without problems, then nwagent loaded fstape2.nlm,
a new screen opened titled "5a6", loading fstape2.nlm, but it hangs
while loading. Nothing else happens, but there is an sideeffect, one of
the printers shows "not bound" and cannot be used. If I try to unload
ndpsm, the server hangs. Only a rebbot brings the server back to work.

This happens on every second or third backup, independent of full or
incremetal backup.

Has anyone this seen?

Thanks for help.