I use Backup Exec.9.10 on Netware 6 SP5. I have 3 servers, File server,
Application server and Test server. I lost the power fault on my File
Server and had to rebuild the server. My GroupWise PO is on my
Application server. Backup Exec is on my Test server. But since the
rebuild I keep getting Insufficient privilege
for ...USER\INDEX\45144211.INC or .IDX. I can't find how to clear this
error. I have QuickFinder set to run at 3:00 am, my backups are done
before that. My Incremental backups start at 7:00 p.m. and finish about
9:30 p.m. My sys volume on the File server I had to rebuild was left
alone and I didn't have to rebuild that. So I can't figure out what is
causing this error.
I would appreciate any help,