We are running a NW6.5 SP5 Cluster (2 nodes).

When the cluster was originally setup, we built it on NW6.5-No SP's.
Created our pools and volumes, and for the most part, left it alone except
for the occasional patching.

Now recently I've added several new volumes to existing pools. We use
Arcserve for backups, but for basic testing, I use SBCON for verification of

In this case since Arcserve couldn't see them, I used SBCON. I connect to
the server, and these new volumes do not appear as valid targets.

I've applied tsa5up19. Through the magic of an untimely data center power
failure I also cycled power on all nodes. No luck. All other volumes
appear normally.

All volumes function normally from a file access/drive mapping perspective.

I have not done pool verifies as that is too disruptive without assurances
that it will help.

Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks.