We have some issues with our backup server, and i hope i can get some help.

A couple of weeks ago we replaced our tapes with new tapes, and at the
same time we replaced the database files with new files from “emptydb7”

From that time and forward the backup have have started to behave stange.

The main problem I have now is that arcserve does not log in to
our “number2” NW-server and run a backup of that one.

We have Netvare 6.5 sp5 and Arcserve 9.01.

This is what happens.

Oct-06 23:34:41 Start Backup Operation, Queue AQ6_ number1
Client Backupadm
Oct-06 23:34:41 number2
Oct-06 23:34:41 12 Custom Full Backup (Keep Archive bit) job will
Be performed.
Oct-06 23:35:50 12 Connected with TSA number2.Novell Directory
Oct-06 23:35:50 12 Process all files via SMS
Oct-06 23:35:50 12 Backup TREENAME/[Root] to DEFAULT_1953349403
sequence 1 session 5
Oct-06 23:35:52 12 Backup of NDS Schema successful
Oct-06 23:36:27 12 2,794 Objects 12,720 KB written to
DEFAULT_1953349403 @ 21,805 KB/min
Oct-06 23:36:27 12 Directory Services database protected
Oct-06 23:36:28 12 E0144 Failed to Login to file server number2 as
Backupadm, fc
Oct-06 23:36:28 12 E3098 Failed to login to number2 as Backupadm
password=[******], fc

We have also remade the backup job, but that didn’t help

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.