Had a strange problem with files on a NW6.5 SP5 server. Many files that
had changed during the day, regardless of type, were not receiving and
archive bit, and thus were not being backed up. Backup solution is Backup
Exec 9.1 build 1156.

Watched it for a couple of days to confirm the problem, and encountered
another. Some files that had changed, received an archive bit, but were
not backed up, and Backup Exec appeared to have cleared their archive bit,
or the bit was somehow reset before the backup.

Opened a case with Novell tech support, and was advised to apply
NW65SP5UPD1, which contains the post SP5 NSS modules, a new SERVER.EXE,
WINSOCK and CLIB updates. I applied the NW65SP5UPD1 , reset the server,
and ran a NSS / PoolVerify, which showed a clean pool and volume, no

The next day, the number of files that should have received an archive bit
shot up dramatically, and it appeared that the situation had been solved.
However, upon further inspection, some strange things started to appear.

Many files that claimed to have a modified date, that was later than their
archived date, did not have an archive bit. I had changed the backup
scheme for one directory to a daily full, for testing. I restored the
directory from the past two days, and compared the data. To my surprise,
the data size of the files had not changed. Which seemed answer the
question as to why the files did not receive and archive bit. But why was
the Modified date changed? All the files I compared were a types of
Autocad files, that are used as references for another base filea. The
techs that were handling my case, could not explain why these files were
getting an updated modification date, and suggested the application was to
blame. Autodesk, however, is saying that the OS is the culprit ( I assume
they mean the server OS, not the workstation).

I was ready to just chalk the problems up to an Autocad / Novell
incompatibility. And since each was pointing fingers at each other, I
figured it was something I would have to live with. But something even
more unsettling has occurred. As of last Friday, I have found files that
have had their data changed, they show the correct modified date, they DID
NOT received an archive bit, but were backed up by Backup Exec during and
Incremental backup. From what I know of Backup Exec, it only keys off the
archive bit for Incremental backups, not the Modified date. Can anyone
confirm this?

Another strange thing is if I attempt to restore any of the files from that
backup, that should not have been backed up ( no archive bit), the software
will not let me select the those individual files. I am able to select the
files in the same directory that did have their archive bit set, however.
I can restore all the files, archive bit or not, if I select the parent

Some information about the server:

Mappings are NCP connections.
Second level OPLOCKS are disabled at the server.
File Commit is enabled at the server.
File Cache is disabled at the server
Server is being backed up by a remote Backup Exec Agent, version 9.1 1156.

Has anyone run into a similar situation with Autocad Files?
Any recommendations as to how to troubleshoot the problem further?