I have brand new IBM xSeries 236 server with additional Adaptec 29320ALP
Ultra320 SCSI controller and IBM-DDS Gen-5 tape drive attached to it.
However, after installing NetWare 6.5 sp5 it can't see the tape drive using
drivers it has suggested:

Version 2.00.26
August 12, 2005

Version 3.01.13
August 6, 2004

After starting the ADPU320 driver I get the following messages:

NWTAPE 006: Warning! Device IBM-DDS GEN5 has not been tested with this
NWTAPE 003: Warning! Driver had an error with device IBM_DDS GEN5;
therefore, driver did not bind to device

It looks like the problem is with NWTAPE.CDM driver but I don't know how to
resolve this problem and need help.