I'm running ArcServe 11.1sp1 on a NW 6.5.4 server. I'm trying to backup
a server on another tree so that I can rebuild the server. The server is
running NW 6.5.4 as well.

I go into backup and add a new device to the Netware Systems area.
However, I can not log into the server. I've tried my admin name, and my
own username (which has full rights) and it still won't login. I read
somewhere that I might need to set the bindery context and it has to be
the first one in the list. I've tried that too and it doesn't work either.

Everytime I try to browse the server object, I get the login prompt and
just tells me that it "failed to login to the Agent." I've
double-checked and TSAFS.NLM is loaded.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanx.