Hi, we are having problems restoring information from a DLT tape on a Dell server running NSBS 6.0 SP5 using Arcserve 9.01. We need to restore one folder. We have tried using the Arcserve manager to create and submit the job. The job starts and we can hear the tape drive start to do its thing. The tape just seems to continually go the end and then rewind, then go to the end, then rewind and does not do anything else. The server also gets really slow and then stops responding to anything. We have to eventually cycle the power on the server to reboot it. I have tried doing a test backup of a folder (to a different tape), rename the folder, and then restore it using the arcserve manager and it restores just fine. I have tried to submit the job from the server console setting up a filter to restore only the folder and the server does the same thing. The folder holding the folder we want to restore is quite large so I originally thought that the size of the database was causing the problem. (This is why we tried using the server console to set up the restore job). The tape we are trying to restore from is the only one that will have good data. (I hope the tape is not going bad!). Anybody have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.