I am getting error messages during my arcserve11sp2 backup on my OES netware
6.5sp5 server with the tsa5up19 patch also

error in getting target service type ret=fffdffdd
failed to open data set - server specific info = fffdffcc
Investigation leads me into seeing

I see arcserve loads dsbacker.nlm and also backupcr.nlm
I log file gets created called dsbackup.log, in there is some errors.

I am getting these error messages in the dsbackup.log,
|==================DSBackup Log: Backup================|
Backup type: Full
Log file name: sys:/system/ssiback.log
Backup started: 2006-10-28'T6:14:3GMT
Backup file name: sys:/system/ssiback.bak
Current Roll Forward Log: 00000001.log
DS Version: 1055279
Backup ID: 4543498B
Backing up security file: sys:/system/nici/NICICFG.CFG
Error!: -5995
Backup of file sys:/system/nici/NICICFG.CFG failed! Err = -6
Error!: -7
Incomplete backup!
Backing up security file: sys:/system/nici/NICISDI.KEY
Backing up security file: sys:/system/nici/XARCHIVE.000
Backing up security file: sys:/system/nici/XARCHIVE.001
Backing up security file: sys:/system/nici/XMGRCFG.DA1
Error!: -5995
Backup of file sys:/system/nici/XMGRCFG.DA1 failed! Err = -6
Error!: -7
Incomplete backup!
Backing up security file: sys:/system/nici/XMGRCFG.KS1
Error!: -5995
Backup of file sys:/system/nici/XMGRCFG.KS1 failed! Err = -6
Error!: -7
Incomplete backup!
Backing up security file: sys:/system/nici/XMGRCFG.KS2
Backing up security file: sys:/system/nici/XMGRCFG.KS3
Backing up security file: sys:/system/nici/XMGRCFG.NIF
Starting database backup...
Database backup finished
Completion time 00:00:12
6 Errors!

I have checked the 3 files that created the errors and see that they are all
0 byte files, So I am assuming since they are 0 byte files, that is why the
error gets created.

Now question is "should they be 0 byte files" and how do I get the errors

PS. the server that does the backup is also holds the master replicas and is
the CA for the tree

any help would be appreciated.