I seem to have a problem with Backup Exec 9.2 and there open file option.

The issue appears to be with the open file manager (OFM) add on to the
BackupExec 9.1. We

successfully upgraded the backup exec s/w to 9.2, but the backups still

hang if we enable the open file manager in the "policy" we use for the

backup. If the open file manager is not enabled in the policy and we

just skip over open files, the backups work fine.

I've been working with a pretty good tech from Veritas support and he

suspects that the reason the backup hangs is because BE-OFM requires a

couple of seconds of "quiet time" to create a snapshot image of the

volume it's about to back up and there is something running on the

system that doesn't give any "quiet time", hence the OFM process sits

there waiting forever and we end up having to reboot the server to clear

the problem and unlock the tape drive.

Any idea's where I can look at this issue.