I am new to backup exec and netware. I'm using backup exec 9.2 and
Netware 6.5.

I need to set up our backup jobs so that each daily backup uses the
same media everytime the job is run, i.e., Monday uses Tape1 and tape2,
Tuesday uses Tape 3 and Tape 4, Weds uses Tape 5 and Tape 6 etc. I
have two daily backup jobs set to run each day. Is this possible with
the MSL 6030??

Also, at the present time, one of my backup jobs goes over 2 tapes.
When i check the logs, if the other backup job finishes ok, the job
that needs 2 tapes uses the tape from the job that only needs 1 tape
even though the default policy tells it to eject the tape after the
backup completes. How can i stop this from happening?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!