While I'm waiting to hear back from Veritas on this issue, I'm wondering
if anyone can confirm the the HP Ultrium 448 LTO2 Autoloader is
compatible with BackupExec 9.0. The drive is on the 9.x compatible
hardware list but I've heard of other drives that are on the list that
with with 9.1 do not work with 9.0 and I'm a little concerned about that.

This issue I have is that the drive shows up in BkupExec as a stand-alone
drive, not an autoloader. I have 2 other autoloaders (HP DAT 24x6 & HP
DAT 40x6) on the same SCSI host adapter and they work fine. I have Multi-
LUN enabled in the BIOS and on the driver load line. LIST STORAGE
DEVICES on Netware shows both the drive and the loader on LUN 0 and 1
respectively. Just not sure what I'm missing here.

Netware 6.0 sp5
Backup Exec 9.0.4202
Adaptec SCSI 2940U2W w/AIC78U2.HAM dated 3/25/2002