We're currently looking for a new backup solution to get 2 Netware
Servers (6.5.5) and a couple of Linux Boxes backuped.

with either Netvault, Yosemite and BackupExpress we only get like
300mb/sec, which of course is pretty poor.
TSATEST is not faster.
The server is alright in normal file serving, 40mb/sec peaks are no

The machine is a DL380, 2.8GHz, 4GB of RAM, a SCSI-Raid-5 (6x300GB w.
hotspare). Network connection is 1 Gigabit.

We realized that the stripe size of the Array is only 16kb, but that
shouldn't be the initial problem, file serving is fast as I said.

The server is also running:
-SAV 10.2
-Tobit Faxware with 6 TLDs

A 2nd server that shows the same symptoms is almost the same hardware,
also NW 6.5.5 and running only GW MTA and GWIA.

Anyone a clue how e can find out what the problem is?