AS9.01 on nw6.5 spk5

job details aren't updating to the astpsdat.db file. Job manager
doesn't "see" any recent backup job info, so I can't restore files.

Backups are running fine, or so they appear to be. Activity logs show
all backups are "successfull" every night.

combing the activity logs, I find this error:

Failed to access: ASTPSDAT.DB, 84
Attempting to: Insert Record
Record Locked

I tried to do a database repair, but it made no difference. In another
thread here, I found a reference to the same error message, and the
post said that this error didn't indicate corruption, but that a
btrieve setting might be the problem. I tweaked the cache setting to
128mb from 64...but things had been running ok until just recently, so
I don't know what has changed.

anyway, I'm just trying to avoid blowing away the existing database if
I don't have to. The DB gets pruned/packed automatically, so it
shouldn't be that its grown to gargantuan proportions. (~300mb)