I have a few questions regarding backing up a GW 6.5.7 system running on
NW 6.O sp5 server. We are using BackupExec 9.1 as our backup software and
it appears that my domain and post office are not backing up. GWTSA is
currently loaded in the autoexec.ncf.
My first question is when and where are the domain and po backed up by
GWTSA? I did not configure this system and am not familiar with GWTSA. I
did look in the GWTSA.ncf file and found the home directory switches to
point at /HOME-MAIL\gwdom and po. I don't have a volume called HOME-MAIL
so I think this is one issue.
Secondly, is there an advantage one way or the other of using GWTSA or
IF I where tp use TSAFS where do I configure it and where does it put the
backups files? Also I assume I will in need to unload GWTSA to use TSAFS.

Thanks in advance