We are tryint to connect a new Adic Fibre Channel tape library to a 5
Node NW65 Novell cluster. The tape library contains 3 IBM_Ultrium-TD3
LTO3 drives.
After loading NWTAPE (manually or at boot), we get errors on some of
the tape drives. Depending on the cluster node, it may connect to 1, 2
or 3 tapes.

Error message:
005: ERROR! Device IBM_ULTRIUM-TD3 errored attempting to execute a Mode
Sense command
003: WARNING: Driver had an error with device IBM_ULTRIUM-TD3;
therefore, driver did not bind to device.

These errors are produced for eacht tape drive that can not be
connected to.

When doing "list devices", all devices that had errors are seen as
"Unbound Device Object"

Strange thing is this happens not the same on the different cluster
nodes, so probably the tape devices are OK. (When tested with Windows
servers, all 3 drives can be used). Versions of software on the 5 nodes
are identical. Hardware is identical.

Netware 6.5 SP2
NWTAPE.CDM updated to 2.01.03 and even 2.01.07
HBA cards QLogic QL2310F with latest firmware

Any help?