Just a quicky here folks, I hope. Input much appreciated.

We have a customer on SBS 6.5 OES Sp5. Using TSAFS with nwtape and
sbcon to a Exabyte vxa2 backups regularily finished inside 3
hours. Recently we changed their VXA2 to a VXA 320 which is
supposed to be significantly faster, more capacity etc.

First few jobs finished in about 2 hours give or take, after which
the backup jobs gradually became slower approaching 4 hours. These
are all full backups overwriting the media, no incremental etc.

We were about to apply all the latest post sp5 patches in hopes it
might rectify the situation. Noticed then that sp6 is available.

Question is then, by experience does anyone suggest Sp6 over the
post sp5 updates? Problems with such? Any suggestion relating
specifically to the tape backup performance? The VXA 320 is
external on a Dell PowerEdge 2600 connected via a 39160 scsi
adapter. (Dell version)

Thanks for your input.

Martin Stepanek
martin@image"Hyphen"technology"DOT"com (
'mailto:martin@image"Hyphen"technology"DOT"com' )